If only you knew, would you save me? Can you teach me to stop the rain?

I should be going to bed now, I have to wake up at 8 tomorrow. Whatever.
So my love Lexi posted a list of what happiness is to her on her last blog post. And I decided that I'll do it here too. I have a feeling mine's gonna be a bit more wordy, i'm just like that.
Happiness is to me:
  • The finer things in life.
  • People who influence me to be my best.
  • being by myself
  • Being with those few friends that you know you'll always love, no matter what
  • the benefit from consciously making a good decision
  • coming up with an outfit you love
  • feeling creative
  • listening to music that is beautifully created, with great lyrics, great singing, and instrumental elements.
  • listening to music that changes my mood, into good or bad; just because that's when you know the musician created something really moving. (hoping this isn't a contradiction...)
  • black & white
  • getting away from your familiar life for a short period of time
  • coming home to your familiar life
  • Delilah (sometimes with her Jack)
  • my family, no other words needed
  • long car rides
  • my magazines
  • understanding what's going on in any math class
  • being in the midst of fashion week - like updates on shows on style.com
  • seeing the extreme creativity and artistic value in fashion collections.
  • wearing a bunch of rings
  • SHOES.
  • getting lost in an alternate world (...a book, sims family, a story you wrote)
  • beautiful photographs
  • a clean room
  • 1000awesomethings.com
  • meaningful, long hugs :)
  • feeling independent.
  • aster flowers
  • sassfras the rock
  • feeling like i belong
  • Religion, God, trust and faith in Him.
  • staying awake
  • seeing my long stack of cd's
  • davey havok's compelling words and voice.
  • writing in cursive
  • moving from acquaintance to friend
  • heart to hearts
  • reading a book you know you'll remember for a while
  • listening to lyrics you know you'll remember for a while
  • tulle fabric :]
  • wedge heels
  • Watching Sleepy Hollow.
  • painting my nails
  • taking long walks until my feet are killing
  • being in crowds
  • Manhattan
  • big fluffy cheerful dogs
  • being flattered
  • looking for shapes in the clouds
  • feeling content
  • meditating
  • being immature & proud (so often)
  • Accomplishments
  • When you're period's over (yeah, I did just mention that.)
  • having a booked weekend
  • having something to look forward to.
  • staying up late
  • no responsibilities
  • dancing like a maniac in your room all alone to a great song.
  • feeling confident
  • the 90s, Such an unattractive decade, I love everything about it.
  • thunderstorms during the day
  • when you make other people laugh really hard
  • the ancient romans & greeks
  • having a dream so good that it takes you a while for reality to set in.
  • Not forgetting a dream over a few hours or days like I usually do
  • jewelry
  • Best last few:
  • Going to local band shows in small venues.
  • AFI
  • The Killers
  • The Dresden Dolls
  • Italy. Visiting Amalfi, Sorrento, Pompeii, Naples, Rome, staying in my mother's town Liscia, the long car rides, the beautiful scenery, the warm people, the different way of living, and the emotion part that came with everything. Every part of that trip had a song to accompany. Visiting Italy for 3 weeks in 2008 changed my life so much.
  • The best for last, going to concerts. Best feeling in the whole world. You're hot, sweaty, and going nuts to music you live for. Watching people go nuts on stage and in the pit. Playing for you until you've fallen head over heels in love!
so theres my list :D
this was sooo hard to think of so many.
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xox Taylor


  1. understanding what's going on in any math class


  2. I was actually listening to a song called "rain is a good thing" when i read this. I thought it was ironic. hahaha anyways i laughed at the fuffy dogs one.

  3. AHHH I love all these pieces
    beautiful and LOVE your blog <3