Oh dear goodness. I've lusted for designer things before but not quite as much until I stumbled upon this beauty. No one can compare to Mcqueen's genius. Rest in peace.
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All about Alice, Hell too.

So I went to see Alice in Wonderland today, I've been waiting for it ever since I heard that Tim Burton was re-making it in the summer. I had a bit higher expectations for it, but it was really good. But I noticed the AWESOMEST thing. In this version, the weird, twisted tree that has the bunny hole that Alice falls into is the same tree that was in my all-time favorite movie, Sleepy Hollow. Which was also by Tim Burton, made in 1999. I noticed this actually in the poster for the movie I saw on the internet before I went out to see it. But in Sleepy Hollow, this tree was the resting place for the headless horsemen, who would go out at night kill his victims by chopping their head off and taking their heads through the "portal" through the tree's roots that led to Hell.

They're not EXACTLY the same. But its the same tree. I hope that wasn't a contradiction.

So Wonderland is Hell to Tim Burton? .. Not really but in the movie they do call it "Underland"
Tim's movies are my favorite, by far. And Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors.
I suggest to whoever reads this (which is most likey no one) to see Sleepy Hollow. I love that movie so much and I'm always in the mood to watch it. It's not frightening, the worst thing is seeing people getting their heads cut off. But Tim Burton always makes it super unrealistic. Like in Sweeney Todd with the basically orange blood.
I also love how Sleepy Hollow and Alice in Wonderland make references to each other because the Queen of Hearts always says "off with their head!!"

So if you haven't seen either movie (how could you?!?!) Then what the hell are you doing. Go.
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