Ode to my favorite sisters

I feel it's 100% necessary to make one of my first posts dedicated to my favorite designer, RODARTE. Laura and Kate Mulleavy I believe can do no wrong. They put on amazing runway shows and their designs each season have that dark, gothic feeling that I admit I cling towards.
So here's an overview of some of my favorite pieces by them, from many of their seasons. Pictures via style.com


Oh I adore this season, fall/winter 2010. The florals and knits together were amazing :) and the above image makes me think of a ghost.

Spring/Summer 2010 It's the way that the pieces appear to be falling/torn apart is what makes them so unique.

Fall/Winter 2009. The image above reminds me of a robot, and the boots are so weird and strappy :]

spring/summer 2009 was really one of their best seasons, there's much more diversity and who wouldn't want to wear that gown?

love every aspect of this one. I inspire a lot of my outfits from it, like the cardigan and how the cobwebby tights are under the pants, but you can see them through the open shoes. I love that big stain in the middle of the shirt, gives it that "blood is soaking the shirt" vibe. (well that's what I've read about)

Christian Louboutin designed these, aren't those spikes spectacular?!

fall/winter 2008 My favorite season by them. I posted wayy too many of their photos but I really loved so many, it was hard to chose.

lampshade skirts, what not to love?

spring/summer 2008 very whimsical, this is when they started getting into knits I'm pretty sure, and my goodness are they amazing at them!

I think you get it now, they make some great stuff. But my ABSOLUTE favorite part that they do is not the knits or the tye dye or the cobweb stuff, but it's the draping with the dresses. Draping I've always thought was so beautiful and they always incorporate it somewhere, and that's why they're my favorite. I didn't post pictures from all their seasons, that post would be way too long.

^Picture of them I don't know how recent it is though.

This actually took me more than one day considering I'm using the family computer and I can't stay on for too long. Can't wait until Geek Squad finishes fixing my laptop!
Bye for now