In times of great boredom, a new post.

It's a nice spring afternoon with the weather above 70 degrees outside. I'm sitting on my back porch eating a vanilla cone, I finished the rest of the ice cream in my house D: My next door neighbors are on their swing set and they're a little annoying. I don't think I've ever brought my laptop outside before...
I should be doing other things, like unpacking (I came home from Washington DC on wednesday!) or cleaning my room or actually getting around to trimming my bangs instead of pushing them to the side....
But it's nice out :]

So a little while ago I found out about this jewelry company called A(r)mor Jewelry. They've been blogged about a bunch of times, but I wanted my input :]
Their pieces are so original and daring and outrageous, I love it!
It doesn't only consist of necklaces and rings and earrings, but there are shoulder pieces and arm pieces.

^This one was the piece I saw on Fashion Toast and Where Did You Get That.

Those aren't everything on the site (armorjewelry.com) but its a jist. I showed my mom the site and the other day we went to the craft store and bought a bunch of chains and clasps and stuff. So I'll post about those once I'm finished with them. I pray they come out okay.

I also want to do some actual outfit posts. I'm promising all these posts and nothing!
-Finished product of the jewelry I'm making inspired by Armor Jewelry
-Pictures from my trip to Washing DC
- Outfit post?

Those will be in the near future.......
I hope.

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